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What CSA is Doing

CSA has already designed a general plan for launching enhanced security initiatives at our community synagogues and institutions.

The plan includes the following:

  • Conducting professional vulnerability and risk assessments of all facilities. The report will present a list of proposed enhancements in order of priority, as well as referrals and recommendations for execution.
  • Facilitating and managing the implementation of the report’s recommendations, in coordination with the leaders of each institution. The institutions will benefit from CSA’s buying power and relationships with vendors, as well as have the option to choose other vendors.
  • Implementing a radio network so that participating institutions can communicate with one another in real time in the event of an emergency. Terrorist groups such as ISIS, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda have all focused on conducting multiple attacks within a short period of time. Having an established and dedicated radio communications network will allow institutions to immediately alert one another to an active incident. Being able to communicate more quickly will allow for a faster response time, improved emergency preparation, and the saving of lives.
  • Assisting each institution to apply for $75,000 Homeland Security Grants each year to offset the costs of security enhancements.
  • Developing a detailed set of emergency plans and procedures, such as evacuation and lockdown protocols, for each facility, in consideration of its unique needs and circumstances.
  • Training each institution’s staff and volunteers to recognize and handle suspicious persons and/or articles.
  • Vetting and training the security guards hired by the institutions. Training will be both strategic and tactical, to ensure the highest security standards possible.
  • Recruiting and training volunteers from each institution. Regular attendees at the various facilities are the most familiar with their operations and thus the most attuned to suspicious activity, and they are the ones most invested in the facilities’ security needs. CSA professionals will provide strategic training to the volunteers based on successful applications in England, Mexico, Israel and elsewhere.
  • Training both volunteers and security guards on Active Shooter protocol and response.
  • Providing experienced, professional supervision on Shabbat and holidays of all security guards and volunteers. CSA security experts will make visits to all participating institutions to ensure the guards are vigilant and the volunteers are informed and prepared. The supervisor will communicate with all member buildings via radio and provide emergency alerts and coordination when warranted.
  • Supervising and providing a communications network and alert system for all member institutions and nearby neighborhood institutions so that each institution is immediately notified of an incident. Based on the type of alert, the institution will enact security measures to safeguard its inhabitants. This communication network will protect against a synchronized multi building terror threat.