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Our Mission

Over the past century, our community has built an infrastructure of synagogues, schools, mikvaot and other sacred communal facilities. These sites are used regularly by a large number of people, and are the result of the efforts of countless community members, and significant financial investments.

CSA focuses on the safety and security of our facilities and serves to protect their members, employees, clergy, students, and guests. Our belief is that a thorough and proactive program, that is carefully coordinated and consistently applied, will enhance community-wide security effectiveness. Combined with a strong educational program, our community will be better protected from growing security threats.

CSA is committed to:

  • Proactive planning: Averting potential tragedies through pre-emptive procedures that secure communal facilities.
  • Training: Security staff and volunteers will be trained to guard and protect all member institutions.
  • Supervision: Close, ongoing supervision of hired security staff and of volunteers to guarantee the highest level of professionalism.
  • Building enhancements: Identification, prioritization, and implementation of structural and technological improvements that are needed to fortify our buildings.
  • Emergency procedures: Devising and rehearsing emergency procedures such as building lockdowns, evacuation plans, and handling suspicious people and objects.
  • Education: Launching an awareness campaign to alert community members to potential security threats and teach them how to properly respond.
  • Intra and inter-facility communication: Ensuring that the security personnel at each facility is able to communicate with each other and with personnel at other locations to coordinate the most effective response to a security threat. This networking initiative will extend to the Ashkenazic and other institutions within our neighborhood to provide the most effective communication alert system possible.