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In Jewish communities around the world, threats to community buildings such as synagogues and schools pose a grave danger to the congregants, clergy, and staff. A proven effective measure that Jewish communities from Paris to London to Buenos Aires have undertaken are volunteer-based initiatives.

Teams of volunteers from each facility are gathered, trained, and prepared to protect and prevent incidents at their respective buildings. It is these volunteers who have the most vested interest for they are protecting their families, friends, and religious belongings.

A significant emphasis by CSA is to focus on volunteer recruitment, training, and deployment. We are seeking highly-motivated members from each synagogue. No experience is necessary and the time commitment is limited. We will train you, and build you from the ground up. You will learn not just how to respond to incidents, but be able to work to prevent them too. All the while you learn how to protect yourself and others around you.

The goal is to assemble a 15-20 person team of men from each synagogue (more for larger institutions.) The volunteers will attend three CSA training seminars, designed to teach awareness, response, deterrence, positioning, surveillance, and resistance. We will also instruct on the proper use of communications, as well as lock down, evacuation, and other emergency procedures.

Now is the time to act, as the threats are real.

Get involved!
Protect your children!
Protect your community!!