Protecting Our Community

The Community Security Alliance (CSA) is a nonprofit organization formed to help ensure the security and the safety of our Sephardic community’s institutions.

In The Face Of Terror: Protecting Ourselves

As a community, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in our infrastructure and these buildings – and the people who use them – must be protected.

What CSA Is Doing

CSA has already designed a general plan for launching enhanced security initiatives at our community synagogues and institutions.

Be Proactive in your security efforts Identify and report suspicious activity to the police (888-NYC-safe inside the city and 866-safe-NYS outside the city). 

The Community Security Alliance (CSA) is a nonprofit organization formed to help ensure the security and the safety of our Sephardic community’s institutions through a thorough, carefully-designed and coordinated plan of actions and protocols.Most synagogues have established security protocols such as guards and video surveillance. Unfortunately, many of the guards have not been adequately trained for the terror threats facing our community, and the cameras are not monitored around the clock. Furthermore, most community buildings do not have emergency planning and procedures in place. None have trained volunteers who are familiar with the building’s attendees, conduct patrols, and can serve as vested intermediary in-house foot soldiers.

CSA was formed to develop a proactive, community-wide plan to secure all our Sephardic community buildings at the highest standards. This includes a system of training and supervising security personnel, and establishing protocols and procedures for avoiding security threats and for responding to them should they arise.